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Blu-ray Region Code Information

All Blu-ray's sold by The Tech Lodge are sold and despatched from the UK, and as such are Region B discs (unless otherwise stated on the product detail page)

International customers are reminded they need either a region B Blu-ray player or a 'region free' Blu-ray  player to play these discs.

Image showing blu-ray regions on a world map

Region code Area
A Includes most North, Central and South American and Southeast Asian countries plus the Republic of China (Taiwan), Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Korea.
B Includes most European countries, African and Southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand.
C Includes the remaining central and south Asian countries, as well as the People's Republic of China and Russia.
The above information is taken from Wikipedia.org.  More information on Blu-ray region codescan be found on Wikipedia here.
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